Collection and Donation Cans

Fundraising Donation Containers

If your fundraising project is in need of donation containers, then you will love our selection of coin banks. Whether you need a donation collection can for a specific charity, sports team, church, school, or organization, we can help you find what you are looking for. We carry three styles of collection cans in stock to help meet all of your fundraising needs. All our fiber coin banks are made from recycled material, are spiral wound, can be made with a colored wrap and imprinted. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Bulk Fundraising Can Benefits:

  • Small change adds up very quickly.
  • Can be customized with any logo
  • Made with recycled materials.
  • Custom sizing.
  • Lid options prevent security issues.

Charity Boxes for Fundraising

If you have ever seen a lonely plastic donation can with not much in it, you may think to yourself who would ever throw coins into that thing. It is surprising to find that these donation boxes can go a long way in strengthening your fundraising efforts. We offer charity boxes that can strengthen your campaign and increase your fundraising. The more donation boxes you use the more collections you will receive. It is that simple. We can also custom-make donation cans or boxes to suit your needs and make sure you stand out. An enticing collection box can attract the right people who want to lend a helping hand.

Making an Impact on Your School

Our custom collection boxes and cans can help you reach your fundraising goals, helping your school be the best it can be, whether it’s for school uniforms, supplies, or equipment. We can make your coin collection boxes eye-catching and attractive so that potential donors pay attention to you and your cause.

Raise Money for Non-Profits

Using our custom bulk fundraising collection cans and boxes, we can help your organization get the resources it needs to keep your operations running smoothly. Believe it or not, but these small donations can add up quickly. We have the capabilities to customize your donation can with any logo and in any size. We will ensure that your donations remain secure with different lid options. By investing in multiple donation boxes or cans, you will be able to save time and cost. We want to help contact us today!

Contact Armbrust today to learn more about our coin banks and cardboard collection, or request a quote today If you would like to order over 1,000 units for this particular product, call for discounted bulk pricing at 773-586-3232.