White Telescoping Mailing Tubes

One of the most durable tubes available our Full – Telescoping containers are wrapped with a white litho outer and a 1/8” wall. Our mailing tubes have solid metal ends to help protect contents with a 4” long flush cap that seals easily. We have a wide range of mailing tube sizes available to meet any of your shipping or storage needs.

Custom Telescopic Mailing Tubes

We can custom make them in almost any size or color that you may require for your project. The mailing tubes are great for mailing a few of the following items: Artwork, Banners, Blueprints, Calendars, Flags, Novelties, Parts, Posters, and Promotional Materials. They are also great for long term document storage. The seamed on metal ends help to protect your items in transit whether it’s across town or around the world. So rest assured nothing will be lost in transit. If you would like to put a little punch into your promotion, please ask about putting your custom colored artwork on the tube.

Our Process & Capabilities

All you need to do is e-mail us your artwork and we will take care of the rest. So if you would like to add a little something extra to your next promotion, just let us know. Armbrust Paper Tubes takes great prides in creating paper tubes that meet all of your needs and expectations. The next time you need an eye-catching mailer that holds up to the most demanding punishment to ship something across town or around the world think Armbrust Paper tubes and give us a call. Custom sizes are available. All our tubes are made from recycled material, are spiral wound, can be made with a colored wrap and imprinted. A minimum of 100 pieces for custom orders is required.