Kraft Padded Mailers

Save time and money with Armbrust’s selection of padded envelopes from Kraft! The cushioned lining of these mailers is designed to absorb shocks that are common during transport, ensuring contents reach their destination safe and intact. Kraft’s durable external material is designed to handle travel stress as well, protecting contents from the elements and debris.

Using a simple design with a scored top edge, these padded envelopes are easy to manage, helping to both save packaging time and streamline processes with quick closures. You won’t lose storage space either, as the slim profile allows for easy storage in small areas.

Custom Bulk Padded Envelopes

Armbrust is proud to offer padded envelopes in a variety of dimensions and at discounted bulk prices depending on the quantity, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, let us know and we can make it! Simply send us an email with your requirements or give us a call at 773-586-3232 and we’ll be happy to reach a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

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